An innovative on-line conferencing software product developed by Cs3. It is an ideal way for people to work together without the inconveniences caused by travel, schedule coordination, and meeting site availability and location. In contrast, Collabrium conference center is readily available for immediate access and usage when you need it!

Collabrium is your solution to meet and work with others over distance and time.

Easy to Use

There are no training manuals or special workshops required to use your conference center. Within moments, access to a sophisticated, powerful, yet intuitive meeting environment is at your fingertips. And with the click of your mouse, you are ready to collaborate!

Allows you to share, exchange and retrieve data with other meeting participants from the comfort of your desktop. You can conduct a series of meetings with different work groups. Missed a meeting or two? No problem! All the data is stored on-line, providing you with a good way to review the activities, decisions and dialogue from prior meetings.

Notification and Messaging Components

Collabrium notifies users when events related to their group have occurred. Events could be triggered by changes in the agenda, documents changed or added in the library, presentation materials changed in the theater or arrival of new chat messages and even the arrival of participants to the Conference Center. Collabrium notifications inform users about the status of their groups without having to actively monitor group activities constantly.

Secure Facility Center

Whether you need a site for training or distance learning, event planning, or just to work with others on any project, Collabrium is your secure environment.

To ensure the integrity of the data and prevent unauthorized access, preventative measures have been taken to protect the data at two levels: the server and communication lines. These precautionary steps were taken to ensure complete security and privacy of your stored information.


Collabrium has the look and feel of a real-world conference center. Just like a conference center, it has a variety of rooms to satisfy the needs of the meeting participants. Each room contains information that is used exclusively by the meeting participants. Your data cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person at the Conference Center.

Configurable Rooms

  • Theater stores multimedia data (e.g., video, presentations audio, etc.) of relevance to the group’s work objectives and interest.
  • Library with reference materials catalogued into different categories, as determined by the group coordinator(s).
  • Lounge for a brief respite from the conference center activities.
  • Meeting Room for discussions. Public chat is supported in the meeting room, along with real-time agenda management.
  • Personal Office allows each user to have private notes and reference materials that are not shared with the group.

The remaining room is used to organize and structure the conference center and its content. The management tasks and support services are dispensed from the Administration Room.

Collabrium is easy to start using over the Web for coordinators and participants alike. A public version allows anyone to register and try out the features. Please use our Contact Us page to request an account.

An enterprise version of Collabrium is also available for organizations to set up within their Intranets.