Company Profile

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Cs3, Inc. has been in operation for more than a decade. The company was founded with the vision of creating a small, streamlined, and efficient entity that would build innovative products from leading-edge, software technology research.

Cs3 has performed substantive software Research & Development (R&D) for sponsors such as the Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, and others. The company has successfully transitioned innovative research results into viable and usable commercial products.


The following is a partial listing clients for our products and services that span assorted markets:


  • Department of Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA)
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
  • U.S. Department of Commerce


  • Digital Energy, Inc.
  • Trancorp, Inc.
  • IsComp Systems, Inc.


  • California Division Of Science and Technology
  • California State Lottery
  • University of California, Los Angeles

With respect to all its past and ongoing customers, Cs3 has an unblemished record of having more than satisfied all its obligations to its clients.

Cs3 has led and continues to lead projects incorporating comprehensive know-how and capabilities. The Company consistently delivers on time and within budget to satisfy project requirements and objectives.

For those occasions when a project is in need of supplemental or complementary talent to augment a work force or team, Cs3 has the capabilities and expertise to support such engagements with the same skilled proficiency and commitment to quality of craftsmanship as if the project was led by the Company.


Software Consulting & Training: The caliber of R&D and consulting talent is exemplary. These well-honed skills are utilized in specific technical areas such as:

  • Data Integration and real-time Internet search;
  • Event correlation and reactive applications;
  • Network attack attribution;
  • Internet security and robustness.

Cs3 consulting services also include non-technical areas such as Project Management and Planning.


Partnering and Sub-contracting: Cs3 areas of technical expertise:

  • Technology strategy and roadmap
  • System analysis, modeling (UML), and design
  • Network architecture and design
  • Software development and maintenance


Technology Products: After many years of R&D, Cs3 has developed a suite of pioneering Internet technologies. These products include sophisticated data integration and Internet search solutions, event monitoring and correlation, event-triggered information processing, and crucial Internet infrastructure security enhancements.

Core Team

The major strength of Cs3 stems from the talent, dynamism, and "can-do" attitude of its accomplished technical team. These individuals are natural innovators who have made a habit of viewing hard problems as opportunities to investigate and invent new technology solutions.

Cs3's executive leadership has steered the company towards its goal of using innovation at every turn to benefit customers:

Deborah A. Taylor, Chief Executive Officer and Founder - She has Master's degrees in Safety Systems specializing in Information Systems and Network Security, and Public Administration, both from the University of Southern California. She oversees all aspects of the company and maintains the business platform to launch endeavors and pursue opportunities.

Dr. K. Narayanaswamy, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder - He is an accomplished technologist who has successfully led the Company's research division since inception.  He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Dr. Donald Cohen, Senior Scientist - He is a well-published researcher who has been Principal Investigator of several research projects for DARPA and NSF.  He is the primary innovator behind the TriggerWare technology and its extensions to the Internet search domain.  He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie-Mellon University.