Thinking "Out of the box"

Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.

– John Dewey (1859-1952)

The fact is that we've been "thinking out of the box" long before it became a cliche! Through a variety of research projects sponsored by various Federal agencies, we have built breakthrough technology and an IP portfolio in areas like data integration, event correlation, and network security.

Innovation is simply in the DNA of our company. We do it because it is what seems natural to us. But, we are heartened that our predilection and talent for research has led to notable results and recognition by those outside our company.

Commercial Endeavors

Soft Computing and Software Engineering (SCSE) 2015 Conference: Cs3's paper Using First Order Logic to Query Heterogeneous Internet Data Sources was selected "Best Paper" at the conference.

CIOReview Magazine Read the article by Cs3's staff on building applications for the rapidly emerging Internet of Things (IOT): Key Concepts to Support Creation of Powerful IOT Applications. The piece starts on Page 72.

New Organizational Development Software: The Levinson Institute, a leading organizational development training and consulting institution, and Iscomp Systems, a software development and consulting firm in Los Angeles, have teamed with Cs3 to build the next generation of organizational development software, called Sonario.  Sonario is installed at several major corporations across the world.

New Books cite Cs3 Innovation in Network Security: The defining book on DDoS attacks, Internet Denial of Service: Attack and Defense Mechanisms authored by Jelena Mirkovic, et al, cites Cs3's fair service concept and other aspects of Cs3's technologies. Cs3's techniques to prevent IP source forgery are published in the book Practical Internet Security, authored by John Vacca, and published by Springer Verlag.

6th Annual California Information Technology Investment and Partnering Forum (CAL-TIP), in London: One of only 50 companies, statewide, chosen to participate by the State of California, International Trade and Commerce Agency.

Reverse Firewall, a product in the MANAnet suite was nominated for Security Product of the Year by Datamation / Earthweb.

Software Research & Development

Internet of Things: Cs3 is starting a new, innovative technology thrust on leveraging TriggerWare's event and data correlation capabilities to rapidly develop and deploy emerging IoT applications.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS): Successfully completed the SBIR Project that investigated methods to detect and contain rapidly spreading computer malware epidemics. We focus on sophisticated correlation of communication patterns to detect fast-spreading infections.

Advanced Research and Development Activity (ARDA): Successfully completed the R&D project for the Intelligence Community on Attack Attribution. Initial details and results published in a White Paper called, Attack Attribution Techniques for Hybrid Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Infrastructure. This technology is patent-pending.

IT Entrepreneurs' Forum: sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security and the Ewing Marion Foundation, Cs3 was one of the one hundred seven companies selected nationwide as a participant for its viable technology solutions to Internet network security problems and issues.

MANAnet Suite Featured in Security Showcase Events: Cs3 participated in a DDoS SANS Institute Symposium as part of the Network Security Conference in Washington D.C.  Cs3 was also selected by DARPA and JTF/CNO to present DDoS technology solution to federal agency CIOs, directors and integrators at a conference in Washington D.C.

Next Generation Networks Conference: Senior Scientist from Cs3 was a panelist for discussion on "Next Generation Network Security: DDoS and Intrusion Detection”.