Using First Order Logic to Query Heterogeneous Internet Data Sources : Published and Selected "Best Paper" at SCSE 2015 Conference .

TriggerWare™ Correlator:  A Virtual Database Paradigm for Collaborative Internet Search

A Virtual Database Realization of the Semantic Web

From the World Wide Web (WWW) to the World Wide Data Base (WWDB)

Triggerware:  Making Wise Decisions in an Ever-Changing World

FLEA Overview

License Manager Example of Monitoring Using the FLEA Language

Specific examples of FLEA Language features:

Search & Notify™

The Search & Notify:  Customizable Personal Notification Service for Search Engine Results

Network Security

STARdeck™ — Attack Attribution Technology

Survey Analysis of Levels I, II, III Attack Attribution Techniques

Attack Attribution In Non-Cooperative Networks

STARdeck Project Briefing

MANAnet® — DDoS Technology

MANAnet Shield:  A Comprehensive Defense Against DDoS Attacks

Defending Government Network Infrastructure Against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Towards A More Secure and Robust Internet

Changes to IP to Eliminate Source Forgery

A Fair Service Approach to Defending Against Packet Flooding Attacks

The Reverse FireWall®: Defeating DDoS Attacks Emanating from a Local Area Network


The Collabrium:  Group Collaboration over the Internet