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Real-Time, Ad-Hoc Queries and Correlation Over Internet Data Sources

TriggerWare™ provides an elegant data integration solution. TriggerWare lets you to view a variety of data sources as relations in a virtual database. Applications and users can query the virtual database without knowing the details of how the data sources provide the data in question. Unique benefits of the elegant TriggerWare data integration solution are:

  • Data sources can reside on the Internet or Intranet or a combination of both.
  • Data sources encompass all forms of content from which content can be extracted through software, including static web pages, web forms, and web APIs, web services, spreadsheets,
    "standard" databases, spreadsheets, and other semi-structured documents.
  • Real-time data from any number of data sources can be integrated into a TriggerWare query;
  • Ability to specify derived relations and event correlation criteria over all data sources.

If you need to build data integration applications that can pull together real-time data from many data sources without having to store all the data in a single repository, see a demo of TriggerWare before you decide on a project strategy.



Virtual Conference Center

COLLABRIUM® uses the intuitive idea of a real-world conference center to support a group of people in doing work together over a potentially long period of time. As people collaborate in doing work, they require a variety of reference materials and produce a variety of artifacts.

Participants can use COLLABRIUM to record their deliberations and coordinate their collaborative activities as they advance their joint project objectives.



Analyzing the Nature of Network Attacks

STARDECK™ supports network attack attribution over the Internet and enterprise networks. It computes the true origins of potentially spoofed IP packets using traffic digests accumulated at a few cooperating network locations. This data is combined with reverse routing information to yield an accurate set of possible source addresses. Attribution can be performed long after an attack. The system also attributes long-term connections formed through TCP and UDP.


Combo Search™

Real-Time Internet Search Technology

Combo Search™ provides a simple way for web site implementers to enhance the traditional keyword search facilities of their website. Just use the Combo Search REST API to get real-time Combo Searches related to a set of keywords, and add them to any web page you wish!

Users of the search results can use Combo Search by clicking on any of the choices provided – and will be able to make better decisions faster. If you are a data provider, Combo Search™ can also turn your data into revenue.



Internet Infrastructure Security Technology

Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attacks still remain a major threat to the normal and uninterrupted operation of critical segments of commercial and Government Internet infrastructure.

The MANAnet Shield provides comprehensive defenses against incoming and outgoing DDoS attacks on the Internet. It has long been known that DDoS flood attacks cannot be effectively thwarted by deploying defenses at the perimters of individual enterprises. Responses need to be taken upstream from enterprises by service providers.

The patented MANAnet devices resolve the most challenging aspects of DDoS defense: preventing attack traffic that is targeting a site from completely blocking normal customer access to that site.