Cs3 provides an array of software system analysis, modeling, design and development services that are utilized in a variety of project applications. More specific, the company has technical skills that are relevant to the building of contemporary software systems in networked contexts over the Internet.

 Software Services

Software Development and Programming Technologies:

usage of a variety of contemporary technologies (including HTML, XML, Java Script, Java, AJAX, etc., on the front end and PHP/PERL/Cold Fusion/Java/SQL engines and other servers on the back end) to implement web sites.

Rapid Software Prototyping:

considerable prior experience and specialized skills and technology, including our own proprietary tools. This skill will be valuable in the early phases of software development projects.

System and Database Integration:

significant experience and expertise in building and integrating large systems, with a mixture of hardware and software. We also have built systems to convert or transfer data from one database format to another.

Software Development Languages:

programmers familiar with C++, Java, and Lisp for contemporary development platforms.

Database applications:

expertise in developing database applications for commonly used commercial databases including Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server.

Web-Based Applications:

experience and expertise in programming web-based applications using standard protocols and tools (PHP, Perl, Java, etc. on the server side); we also offer our own web server for specific kinds of portals.

User Training and Documentation:

considerable experience in developing and conducting training of end users and technical staff in subjects ranging from operating systems to programming.

Consulting / R&D Services

Cs3 has successfully pursued federally-sponsored R&D projects under the auspices of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program and the Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) process. These efforts have resulted in multiple awards with agencies like DARPA, NSF, HSARPA, and ARDA. Summaries of Cs3's research projects are available.

The company also provides technical consulting services to commercial companies and Governmental agencies. In such cases, Cs3's personnel simply function as an extension of an organization's in-house technical talent. Cs3's seminal work and new results from R&D projects can be often be leveraged in its consulting practice.

The areas of consulting / R&D specialization are:

  • Data integration/search using Virtual Databases
  • Advanced event monitoring and event correlation
  • Network security and attribution technologies
  • Software modeling and prototyping languages